Don't just get fit, get wedding fit!

Myself and a friend started personal training with Luke back at the beginning of the year, with the lead up to my wedding I was not feeling very confident with the way I was looking.  

I have always lacked self confidence and with the help of Luke I could not have been happier in my body than I did on my wedding day.

All the blood sweat and tears were worth it. Luke  not only kept reminding me of the wedding when things got tough but he also made things fun and kept us guessing on what was coming next. Its also safe to say our sessions were not complete without me winging about something (sorry Luke but I still cracked on with it) I would not have got to where I wanted without the help of Luke and his banter along the way. Thankyou

Results combined they lost 25lbs, 79.5cm, 15% body fat and gained 12lb of muscle!